Books eat my brain

I'm a rather voracious reader. Since I was a child I've averaged a book a day (and no, not berstein bears books :) It's something I've managed to pass onto my oldest child (the only one currently of reading age) which I find kind of remarkable because I'm NOT that good at remembering to read to my children. If they bring me a book and ask I'll read to them, but I'm not "every day we sit on the couch and read". Probably something to do with the fact that I'm not a structured day type of person. I mean, I have my little "get everybody ready" routines and "put everybody to bed" routines but for the most part my day is pretty free-form depending on my mood. Hey, I'm a woman, I AM moody, if you had a cocktail of hormones like mine to deal with (and mine aren't even nice and normals or balanced) you'd be moody too.

Last night I caught my son reading with a flashlight under the covers, long after bedtime. He gets in trouble at school for reading instead of paying attention to the teacher. And I find it so absolutely hilarious because I used to do the same things. Somehow he's aquired my love of books, even without me remembering to read to him often. It makes me wonder whether the love of books can be genetic. Or maybe he's just responding to the fact that I constantly have books laying around the house that I read in my spare time.

My taste in books is similiar to my taste in music. I'm not picky, I'll read just about anything. But after several years of college I've developed a strong preference for mindless fiction. I like genre books - sci-fi, fantasy, romance. And like "serious" fiction books there are the good, the bad, and the laughable. I've always found it obnoxious how "serious" writers put down genre fiction. Granted there's a higher noise ratio, but you must remember that a heck of a lot more genre books get published every year. And I wish someone would print some nice, cheap paperback non-fiction. I like non-fiction but I don't have the money to shell out $50 for a hardcover every time I want a new one to read. And the library...let's just say libraries in little towns have a less than optimal selection. Maybe I should start a company that does "mass market paperbacks" of good non-fiction...


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