I haven't touched my brother's little project HTML_AJAX in quite a while. First of all I haven't been doing any AJAX, secondly I had some bad experiences with (rather annoying) users when I did help out. But tonight I got bored. Why am I such a flighty person? I "fixed" a couple of bugs for the latest release, they were actually feature requests but this way someone can close them. I know Josh is trying to get it to the 1.0 mark so it can be stable.

Anyway, I added an XML serializer that relies on either DOM or DomXml - it doesn't have a serializer/unserializer on the js side so theoretically it might be really fast. I'm sure it has bugs somewhere - there are workarounds added for opera headers that probably need to be UN-added for the text/xml type, I forget how those work anymore... And the iframexhr class will need some hacking to populate the responseXML property (you'll just get the xml string in the responseText property) I also did a couple of additional methods in the HHA action class that let you basically aggregate different response class actions into one class - not that exciting but it was a feature request.
But I don't really want to get too involved, I just needed something to do for the night. I also did a whole bunch of phpdoc comments in the action and response classes since I wrote them in the first place. But I think that's enough for awhile.

In any case, I also started working on plugging in xdebug profile information into the test unit stuff for callicore - figuring out the profile file and parsing it out for display - wincachegrind is broken at the moment with the format. More on that later.


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