Hillbilly Baths

Well, the saga of the remodeling continues. My husband forgot to glue one of the pipes, so when he went to turn the hot water on - sploosh.

Which means another 24-48 hours for the fix to dry. Last night he ran a garden hose from the dishwasher to the hot water heater so I could run the thing (it's been three days after all) and then he ran the hose up to the bathtub with a sprayer on the end so I didn't have to boil water for a bath. Still, I felt like a major hillbilly, filling my bathtub with a garden hose. Takes forever too.

On a positive note, the new shutoffs are really nice, instead of the annoying screw kind they're the ones with a lever - no leaky!!

I was cataloguing in my brain the list of stuff still to get done and was rather depressed about it. After all, the date for my C-section is April 19th (if I last that long, I've tried to go a week or two early with all my kids) so time is running out quickly. I have to have a shower and toilet on the main floor because stairs will be a no-no for two weeks or so.


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