I hate computers sometimes

It's not even really the software that gives me such headaches, it's the hardware. I have another motherboard blowout (urgh) - I absolutely hate that. It's always such a hard thing to test for, because I really don't like to totally rip apart another functioning computer just to check on a broken one. After checking to see that the hard drives, power supply, cd-rom drives and floppy all function just jim dandy that leaves only...the motherboard. ARGH

So I've decided just to do away with that computer. I didn't have anything important on it anyway, and it was the only one with scusi hard drives. It also means I can keep a tighter watch when my children use the computer. So that means the scanner and color printer get moved around to other computers in the house and the working parts get put into my "keep" bin. I need to sell some of this crap I have badly.

So my little in house network is down to only (only?) four computers - the laptop, a linux box, and two windows machines - one for multimedia/DVD stuff and one that's my development and writing machine. I'd like to get a mac at some point, but right now the price range is out of my reach. Probably when the laptop goes boom a mac will take it's place.

I'm impressed with my scanner, it's a microtek scanmaker s400. I got in on sale, plus got a rebate so the price was very good, and so far it's worked nicely, even though I rarely use it for things over 300 ppi. I'd need to move it to the computer with the usb2 ports for that :)


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