Ficathon is Complete

Ah, I'm such a good girl I finished on time...well after a seven day extension (hey, I spend a week in arizona with four kids...) And I even kept the story under 10,000 words! How did I manage that? Well I kind of "pushed" the ending a bit but it was just a short story so.... Wyse was excited as well :)
In other news, lookit see I got a pretty badge :)

My Ficathon Badge
I learned something from this experience about getting a story finished - it doesn't have to be perfect. So, in honor of this little event I'm going to make an effort to do some more writing and get some stories finished. First on the list? Time of the Avatars aka Reincarnation - my very first shot at Sailor Moon fanfiction and at this point kind of a mess :)



you're going to finish Time of the Avatars?! ahh yay I'm so excited!!! I remember asking you about that a while ago. And what about Redemption, eh? Another great one from the mind of Rora!

2006-09-24 4:04 pm

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