Some more consolidation

Since my brain doesn't seem to be cooperating with coding I decided to do some documentation and planning stuff today, and to my surprise I got quite a bit finished. Basically it involved a quick audit of all the files I'm including in the "kernel" - the main distribution, and what could be stripped away and "added on" as needed.

I ended up mashing several cryptic text files into one large, more verbose html file - btw, although nvu is pretty nice they really need a better way to interact with stylesheets and an easier way to add classes to items...

The end result is a nicer overview of the way the pieces fit together and where I needed to cut down on features - I'm often a victim of dreaded "feature bloating" - while still allowing those pieces to fit back in if necessary. Now I'm moving the list into the uml diagram I had previously started. I haven't decided exactly how to deal with the svn problem - the modules and extensions will all be in their own directories but I'll probably have to manually cull out what I want for a core release, fun fun.

I hope to have something to commit some time this week, and I'll update the kalfu site with the new information. Maybe it will make my brain cooperate enough to get some code written. At least I have some documentation done!


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