We finally bought a mini-van

A Dodge Intrepid doesn't hold four children (two in car seats and one in a booster seat) and two adults. This is a problem since in less than three months there will be that many in our family. I've been grumping to my husband about the upcoming problem for quite awhile, but yesterday we finally broke down and bought a mini-van.

My husband griped about getting one, but it happens to be an economical, practical way to transport four or more children. Especially when you're fighting with multiple car seats. So we bought my first new vehicle, the only other ones I'd owned had been used. It's very nice so far, and the power sliding doors and back are really nifty. We'll see how it holds up, since we'll probably have it for a LONG time. Seven years is the target :)

I suppose it makes me a "soccer mom" - except for the fact that none of my children play soccer (they prefer baseball and football) and I don't put bumper stickers on vehicles...it's just tacky.


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