Why I love wikipedia...

I'm currently suffering from a form of Writer's Block, both in my original fiction (which I haven't touched in forever) and my fanfiction. Why do I love wikipedia? Don't use Wikipedia as an excuse to procrastinate.

Ah, procrastination. Something I've developed to a superb art form. It goes hand in hand with inherent laziness, which always amuses me because I LIKE to work, but I tend towards the do nothing category. I think my basic problem is motivation. Easy to say and point finger at...but there it is, in living color. That and I'm probably the flightiest person on earth. As in airheaded, not spending time in the air...

The thing I've always hated the most about myself is that I'm good at everything. is suddenly deaf from the laughing Seriously... I never studied in school (college included) and yet my grades were great. I could read things one time and absorb a new concept. I can knit, sew, crochet, and I taught myself those skills. Really the only thing I've ever been horrible at involve height as well. For example, I was a pretty good basketball player...until I turned 11-12 and everyone else was suddenly heads taller than me. Granted, you can be short and a good player, but I wasn't fond enough of basketball to put in the work necessary. (The only physical activity I ever enjoyed enough to keep up the effort was ballet.) Because I'd never HAD to put in any work in the first place.

Does intelligence give rise to laziness? Perhaps. Maybe it's just the seasonal affective disorder combined with depression (oh what great genes I have there..and I live in michigan...real smart) But I've never been one to blame problems on "chemical imbalances in the brain" - even if that really IS the problem I feel weird having to depend on pills to keep me from being ..well...a lazy procrastinator.

There is one really interesting side effect of having SAD - when spring comes I get a manic burst of energy - usually at roughly the same time I have to do a bunch of outdoor work to get the yard ready for spring. In fact, we had a week of wonderful sunny weather and I found myself outside raking - sunshine + me = lots of energy...

Well I've rambled on enough. Anyone out there have solid solutions for writer's block??


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