Wow, no snow...

Almost every year it has snowed on my birthday. And usually not the nice gentle snow but a fat snowstorm. There has only been one year that it hasn't, and that was 1998 (if I remember correctly).

Well, it looks like this might be another year. Of course, it's RAINING but at least it's not snow. We've had the weirdest weather in Michigan this year. First of all most of November and December were really cold and really snowy. In fact, I didn't think we'd get to where we were going Thanksgiving day it was storming so bad. And it was so cold! Then Christmas day it started raining.

We haven't seen snow since. It's been downright warm, some days even into the 40's and 50's. Not that I'm really complaining, it's just weird. I don't think I'll ever get used to raking in a windbreaker in January.

It just doesn't seem like my birthday without the snow though. I'm hoping the few flowerbeds I managed to rake on the really warm days will dry out good. There was a layer of green mold underneath the leaves - that's just not good for plants. I suppose I'll have to break down and get some mold killer (probably a fungicide too) sprayed. Last year the leaves over my one peony bed didn't get raked so that stupid brown mold/fungus whatever it was killed all my peony buds. Unfortunately, it didn't get raked this year either.

My poor shrubs and plants were rather neglected at the end of this year because I was just plain sick (stupid morning sickness) during the time when I usually trim stuff, rake, and get plants ready for the winter. At least my roses won't freeze, with all this warm weather.


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